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I need my program to check for duplicate values in one particular column in my Data Grid View prior to saving the data but I don't really know how to start.. Click Dim R As Integer Dim C As Integer For R = 0 To (Data Grid View1. This will allow you to keep track of what row you are on (so you don't get self duplicates. Had to make a tweak or two (no criticism there at all! Note: Your code started at row 1 then checked rows 1 to end. I tweaked so that the inside loop started on the following row instead of from 1 again (this was causing the loop to think the very first value was a duplicate. Thanks John Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. Thanks again John I'm assuming you need to check each value against each other value, in which case you are going to need 2 for loops, and normally I would say as For Each, but for what you need you should do a For int I to rows.count. Count - 2 For int J As Integer = int I 1 To Data Grid View1. As soon as it sees a duplicate value, it should end the loop and display warning. The Data Grid View control provides a powerful and flexible way to display data in a tabular format.

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I knew this probably wasn't the best way to handle this but it was all I could think of. If you have a suggestion as to another way to do this I'm am more than willing to listen.This control also let's you display data in a master-details view. With the Data Grid View control, you can display and edit tabular data from many different kinds of data sources. Now your data source is created, right click on Data Grid View control and on the option Choose Data Source, select the data source you just created. I am talking about all the events, not just the row or cell events.Thanks as an example, I got an email from a friend of mine that happened to have a doc on this particular issue.

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